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The founder of Beach Cities Income Tax is Michael Mastick, a lifelong south bay resident, who spent 20 years in local government. Mike is an Enrolled Agent, with the highest tax designation awarded by the IRS. Tax preparers, CPA’s and attorneys are certified by the state. Enrolled agents are accredited directly by the IRS and are authorized to practice at every level in the IRS audit process, whether they prepared your taxes or not. An extensive three day testing process ensures that Enrolled Agents are truly tax experts and receive more continuing education than most others in the tax industry.

Mike is well versed in personal finance and holds multiple investment properties. Mike has earned a Bachelor of Science degree from California State University of Long Beach and is working on his Master’s degree in Business Administration. Tax law is Mike’s passion and he enjoys helping others understand the system. He spends a lot of

Twenty years of government service has given Mike the skills needed to deal with IRS employees and solve complex tax issues, allowing for a win on all sides. “It is almost always better to come up with a favorable compromise, than to fight a battle that can’t be won”. That is not to say that sometimes fighting the system is not advisable. It takes someone knowledgeable and experienced to recognize the difference. If you are looking for a new tax professional or just want to ”talk tax”, give Mike a call.
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