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Audit Representation

The IRS can be relentless when they are trying to settle your tax debt. They will seize your home, property, bank accounts and retirement savings to satisfy your past due taxes. The government’s current financial situation has resulted in the IRS stepping up audits to include a greater number of middle income families. These audits often result in an unfair assessment of additional taxes, penalties and fees. Did you know that you NEVER have to appear before the IRS personally? We can step in and deal with the IRS on your behalf, without you ever having to appear before the IRS or speak with a revenue agent directly.


If you owe the IRS, you have a very serious problem. Garnishments, liens, levies and seizures are often part of the collection process. Some taxpayers try to represent themselves against an experienced IRS Revenue Agent, whose only job is to collect taxes and assess additional penalties.  An innocent comment during an audit can result in substantial tax assessments and the loss of the ability to take certain deductions. The audit process is inherently slanted in the governments favor. You should take advantage of every option available to you   Once the process starts, you only have a short time to respond before permanent assessments occur. An immediate response is necessary.


If you are having problems with the IRS, we're here to help. We will put an end to your tax problems and get your life back on track. We will file back tax returns, set up a payment plan, amend your past returns, write up an “offer in compromise” and possibly settle your tax debt for substantially less than you owe. There are occasions when an amended tax return could  potentially reverse a tax assessment and get you a refund. Our services are affordable, efficient and we will settle your case as quickly as possible. The IRS will not go away. Your penalties and interest compound daily. Call Beach Cities and let us help today!