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Beach Cities Income Tax was founded under the premise that tax planning is an essential strategy in tax preparation. Michael Mastick is the founder of Beach Cities Income Tax and he is committed to incorporating tax planning into his clients finances. Michael is a lifelong resident of the south bay and is an Enrolled Agent, with 20 years of government service. Michael is also an IRS cadre instructor, which means that in the off season he teaches tax classes to new businesses on behalf of the IRS.


With 20 years of government experience, Michael knows how to cut through the red tape that ties the hands of most government agencies. He uses his experience to get your tax problems resolved quickly and efficiently. Many cases can be settled for pennies on the dollar. It takes a knowledgeable and experienced tax professional to resolve these issues and get your life back on track.


Michael is well versed in personal finance and owns income property in California and Arkansas. Michael holds a Bachelor’s Degree from The California State University of Long Beach and is working towards his Master’s Degree in Business Administration. Michael truly has a passion for tax law and enjoys educating his clients on how to save thousands of dollars each year.


If you need a tax professional or just want to “talk tax” give Michael a call. He is available all year round!

Beach Cities Income Tax